Visualizing Pivotal HR Insights - One-Day Workshop

Date / Day: 15 Jul 2024, Monday

Time: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Venue: SNEF HQ @ Paya Lebar Square, #13-45, Lobby 2, Room 7 & 8 

To facilitate hands-on activity during the session, we will require all participants to bring their own laptops with MS Excel and Powerpoint (version 2013 or later) to participate in the data and capstone exercises.

Do note that this session is based on first come first serve basis and subjected to changes. Please register your interest in the form below. We will contact you to confirm your seats with you as soon.

There has been growing interest in analytics over the past decade; particularly how data can be leveraged to create value for organisations through analytics, by augmenting and improving decision-making processes. To the point where many organisations have sought to build core competencies in analytics to fuel their growth. While HR came to the analytics game a little later, a growing number of HR leaders are recognising the potential that their HR data could hold, and HR functions are seeing greater interest and adoption of analytics in recent times.

The Visualizing Pivotal HR Insights Workshop is one of the four workshops in a comprehensive series on the topic of HR Analytics. Each workshop will be conducted once a year, is modular in nature and address different aspects along the analytics value chain (there are no pre-requisite for any of the workshop below and you may attend it in any order).
- HR Data Management and Reporting
- Mining HR Data for Insights
- Visualizing Pivotal HR Insights
- Building a Compelling HR Data story
Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon attending each workshop. An overall certificate will also be issued for the completion of the 4 workshops.

As HR Analytics grows in popularity, more organisations are bringing more data and complexity into their analyses. Increasingly, organisations are starting to face a different challenge - they are drowning in data but parched for information and insights.

This workshop aims to provide a broad but practical overview of the entire analytics value chain; with a focus on leveraging data visualization to facilitate the analytics process and to communicate pivotal insights. This includes building data visualizations directly from a database, selecting the right data visualization for the right message and building an interactive dashboard report. This is targeted at professionals and managers in non-analyst roles but may be required to work with or make sense of data and presenting data in their work

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand what data analytics is, and the key ingredients for sustainable analytics
2. Understand the analytics value and the part that effective communications with data plays in delivering the "last mile" of value
3. Appreciate the thought process as well as key technical and visual considerations to designing effective data visualizations into coherent and impactful dashboards
4. Gain exposure to various analytical and visualization techniques and tools to glean insights from the data

Who Should Attend:
- Senior HR Leaders
- HR Directors and Functional Heads
- HR Business Partners
- All other professionals with a keen interest in developing data analytics skills in the HR domain

Limited seats are available due to the exclusivity of the event. 

This session will be facilitated by Derrick Yuen, Founder and Principal of FYT Consulting Pte Ltd, an analytics consulting firm.

What is HR Analytics
- General Introduction of the concept of analytics; including the potential of analytics to inform, explain and guide decision making
- Foundations for sustainable analytics

Analytics Value Chain and role of Data Visualization and Communication
- Analytics value chain
- Deliver value in analytics with a right combination of hard and soft data skills; particularly the soft skills in interpreting the analytical outcomes in the right context

Conveying the message through Data Visualization
- Key principles in Data visualization
- Thought process in selecting the right visualization for the intended message
- Hands-on exercises on MS Excel

Self Service Analytics using Infographics and Dashboards
- What is an infographic and dashboard?
- Why deploy infographics and dashboards?
- When to deploy and how do you measure success?
- Key design requirements: Purpose, Development & Delivery
- Class exercise: Building interactive infographic and dashboards on MS Excel Analysis

Exposure to other data visualization tools in the market
Reflection and Feedback
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