SNEF Managing Staff with Mental Health/Emotional Issues at the Workplace - Sharing Session

Date / Day: 25 Jun 2024. Tuesday 
Time: 2:15pm - 5:00pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

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In February 2024, DPM Lawrence Wong announced that addressing mental health and well-being is a key priority on the national agenda. Part of Singapore's key plans and targets include strengthening capabilities not just in healthcare services but in schools, workplaces and the community.

At workplaces, research has shown that healthy mental well-being at the workplace contributes to improved productivity, reduced business costs and other benefits (Deloitte). In 2023, the Tripartite Advisory on Mental Health and Well-being at Workplaces was also expanded to further enhance support for employees and to support employers in developing a work environment that encompasses mental health.

This session will cover common challenges faced by HR Practitioners, supervisors, line managers at the workplace and practical ways to handle mental health scenarios encountered at the workplace. The information shared in this session will help to equip employers and HR Professional with the necessary skills and tools to help with the establishment of a support system for employees' mental well-being.

This session will be conducted by Ms Porsche Poh, co-founder of the Silver Ribbon (Singapore) and certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer. Limited seats are available due to the exclusivity of the event. 

Common challenges faced by HR Practitioners/Supervisors/Line managers at the Workplace while managing staff with mental health/emotional issues
Warning signs of common mental disorders

Ways to support staff with mental health/emotional issues and handle mental health crisis at the workplace
Mental Health Resources available
Question and Answer

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Managing Staff with Mental Health / Emotional Issues at the Workplace

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